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Physics, Medicine, and Psychology are all undergoing a profound revisioning of their underlying theories which is called PARADIGM SHIFT. The old order is breaking down in the gaps of our knowledge, and the new vision is emerging.

Understandings about glial cells, the theory of pain, brain regeneration, even the way we heal and evolve, have all gone the same way. Science and medicine must be revised with these new, revolutionary discoveries in mind. Energy Medicine and other CAM technologies are leading the way, not waiting for the old science to die off.

Fresh research has revealed a new understanding of a 3rd neural circuit in the autonomic nervous system, has made possible a user-friendly participatory approach to self-regulation and embodied well-being that is universally accessible.

Without third-party intervention, massage or medication any individual, on their own, can discover how to liberate chronic debilitating states at the root.

Once we remember how good we can feel there is more open 'space' to enjoy the company of others. When we come into the world, we are already embedded in a social context. Evolution intended humans to be social beings and, perhaps, to evolve into a collective social organism.

As we learn to embody a direct lived-through experientail understanding Of this 3rd neural circuit in the autonomic nervous system, the so-called Social Engagement System, we may even peer through the deceptive veils of dualistic conception.


TOP-DOWN YOGA is an emergent process for self-regulation arising from the new paradigm of ENERGY MEDICINE. The simple motor behaviors employed in the process are homologous with certain key aspects of completion stage yoga in the Tibetan meditational practices of Mahamudra and Dzog Chen.

These easy to learn simple motor behaviors can be performed sitting in a chair, standing or lying down with a pillow under the head.

Very important cranial nerves that emerge from the brain stem become irritated if the deep muscles of the neck are chronically tense. By gently introducing coherent information into the tissues and fluids of our body, rather than by using force or pressure, we learn to regulate the formative processes underlying the experience of consciousness and the body.

Simply holding the body, head and eyes in specific positions for just 30 seconds immediately begins to expand the consciousness in a direction of comfort and ease.

TOP-DOWN YOGA is an embodiment practice which optimally circulates cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body while activating the potent neuropeptide "messenger molecules" coordinating almost all physiological and emotional processes of the body on a cellular level.

Embryonic Ocean Breathing, an aspect of TOP-DOWN YOGA, is a subtle adaptation in spinal movement, which mirrors the process of breathing during embryonic development. It embodies the two basic trends in the autopoetic development of the nervous system; uniting the neurons in a compartment (nervous chord) and concentrating a greater neuronal volume in the cephalic end (cephalization).

The synergistic functioning of five cranial nerves having to do with looking, listening, vocal communication, facial expression, turning the
head and regulating the beat of the heart, generate the warm-blooded intelligence leading to the emergent expression of love, in self-regulation and social engagement. Neuropeptide intercommunication
of the same five cranial nerves utilized in healing autism, chronic states of stress, anxiety, depression, ADD and other human maladies, are utilized in awakening the highest yogic states of awareness in Kriya and Kundalini yoga, Qigong and Dzog chen.


Rhythmic entrainment of the enhanced subtle-body circulation of CSF, with the activation of the bioluminescent neuropeptide cascades, generates a heightened state of awareness and noiseless intercommunication while transforming one's energy into healing elixir, morphic resonance and bliss. The nervous system diversifies tremendously with an increase in the variety of modes of neuronal interactions, which entails growth in the cephalic portion. In this process, matter-dominated mentation is transferred crisscross to new evolutionary sequences.

The ancient evolutionary intelligences inherent in 'body’ consciousness are, phylogenetically, a more primary cognitive domain then the neural-mental ‘brain’ consciousness. It is this 'wisdom of the body' which, as an neuroanatomical 'order' of organismic awareness, leads us to an understanding of what lies beyond that which we know how to analyze. It is also the originary source-point of our collective embodied resonance/intelligence.


The Social Engagement System is a species-typical genetic code. In the direct lived-through experience of its field-like qualities, 'consciouness' arises as a radiant collective property of the body of our humanity. As such, it is the mechanism provided by evolution for the radical irrealization of the cognitive obscurations inherent within dualistic perception.

The function of the nervous system diversifies tremendously, and evolves with the increase in variety of modes of neuronal and neuropeptide interactions. The more complex the activity, the greater is the ground for evolutionary learning.

The Social Engagement System is the crown jewel of neural evolution, the fruitional cephalic endstage of neocortical development, and simultaneous explication of precoded innate intelligence for the endogenous unfolding of a collective phase in human evolution.

The same processes that transform our internal condition also provide a powerful influence on how we respond in social engagement. These processes release certain "messenger molecules", such as oxcytocin and serotonin, which self-soothe and calm our internal state. They also generate the emergent "warm-blooded" intelligence, which embodies genuine care and concern for others. When the body re-members these optimal conditions we move forward in our evolutionary journey, both
individually and collectively.

The best medicine to cure our individual and collective dis-ease is our own precious energy in-form-ation, self-regulated by morphic resonance.

Organismic awareness is felt sense of morphic potentials. The autonomus, felt sense of original experience creates a field of meaning, which is the meaning of life. Life itself provides all the answers as we create and recreate ourselves each moment. The efficacy of these simple natural processes, when experienced, will be believed.


We are describing a new synthesis that is occurring in living organization. Recent new understandings in the biophysics of embodiment indicate self-regulatory capacities inherent in the human organism which give rise to optimal neurobehavioral states supporting well-being, social engagement and evolution. are universally accessible.

A recent new understanding of 3rd branch in the autonomic nervous system, the Social Engagement System, presents a species-typical genetic code, and the principles and mechanism for actualizing a new autopoeitic landscape which utilizes morphic resonance as the principle and mechanism of communication via collective intelligence. This synthesis in autopoeitic self-organization provides the basis for designing an autocatalytic, emergent participatory knowledge system integrating science, spirituality and sociocultural evolution.


"The old interpretation of the autonomic nervous system describes two stages. Behaviorally, the first stage, parasympathetic, is associated with immobilization behaviors such as feigning death and also for rest and restoring the body. The second stage is characterized by the sympathetic nervous system that is capable of increasing metabolic output and inhibiting the visceral (sub-diaphragmatic) vagus to foster mobilization behaviors necessary for ‘fight or flight’.

The third stage, unique to mammals, is characterized by a myelinated vagus that can rapidly regulate cardiac output to foster engagement and is engagement with the environment, without engaging the sympathetics. The mammalian vagus is neuroanatomically related to the cranial nerves that regulate social engagement via facial expression and vocalization."

The third autonomic alternative, the Ventral Vagal Complex or Social Engagement System, is comprised of cranial nerves V, VII, IX, X and XI. The Xth cranial nerve, the ventral vagal, also referred to as the mammalian vagus or "the smart vagus" is the intercommunication center synergistically integrating the in-form-ation flow of five cranial nerves.

Their synergistic functioning organizes, integrates and coordinates looking, listening, vocal communication, turning the head, facial expression and regulating the beat of the heart. This generates the warm-blooded intelligence, which leads to the emergent expression of love and social bonds.



VIBROACOUSTICS: Here’s an interesting physiological fact: The pneumogastric, or tenth, cranial nerve is also called the vagus (wandering or vagabond) nerve because it meanders through the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The enormous task of the vagus nerve is the functional regulation of a host of organs, from the larynx, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, bladder, kidneys, small intestines, and colon all the way down to the anus. And the vagus nerve attaches to the outer and inner eardrum on its way south from the brain. What is the significance of this interconnection? Vagus nerve communiqués to the rest of the body are affected by the ear! This vagus nerve-acoustic interaction means that mixed into the parasympathetic instructions to our major organs are vibrations from the eardrum. And what makes the eardrum vibrate? Sound. And who determines the sounds we put into our ears? Or, getting intimate, who determines the vibration we put into our internal organs? Clearly, the effect of sound can no longer be simply measured by how our ears feel. The ear brings in energy that touches us from top to bottom. Sound is not just vibrating the eardrum. It is actually resonating the entire being.



Top-Down Healing is a DIY self-regulation technique anyone, sick or well, can easily learn to improve overall ease and well-being, control stress, and facilitate mindbody healing.